Weston Carpet Cleaning Reviews


Weston carpet cleaning is the only carpet and upholstery cleaning service I use because they always show up on time.

-Stephanie L.

I have 3 dogs. Sometimes they have accidents. I keep a Weston CC magnet on my refrigerator and call them the same day!

-Sharon K.

When I moved into my new house all the carpets smelled like cigarettes. Ewww! Weston Carpet Cleaning came out the day after I moved in… they stuff they use left my home smelling like oranges =)

-Justin & Samantha P.

My son got sick and had an accident on his mattress. These guys came out, cleaned it, and gave us scotchguard to keep the mattress nice and clean.

-Max W.L.

I called another company they left my carpets soaking wet. We didn’t want to get mildew so I called weston carpet cleaning a couple of days later. They did the job right and my carpets were dry the very next day!

-Jorge P.

My husband left my family heirloom oriental rug in the garage… for FIVE YEARS! These guys came out the next day, picked up my rug and had it back to me good as new the next week. We <3 Weston Carpet Cleaning!!

-Ida and Brent

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