Protect Your Oriental Rug By Cleaning It The Right Way

Weston Oriental Rug Cleaning


Oriental rugs are often handed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom. Don’t risk damaging your rug by cleaning it yourself. Call the experts at Weston Carpet Cleaning for your free estimate.As always, there are no extra fees hidden in our service. Weston Carpet Cleaning offers free pick up and delivery of area rugs.

At Weston Carpet Cleaning, our technicians are trained to assess your carpet and recommend the best cleaning method. We clean all kinds of area rugs, including:

  • Antique Rugs
  • Oriental Rugs
  • Wool Rugs
  • Cotton Rugs
  • Silk Rugs
  • Synthetic Rugs
  • And More

Some types of area rugs can be steam cleaned inside the home. Steam cleaning may damage other types of area rugs and must be dry cleaned at our facility. Weston Carpet Cleaning offers free pick up and delivery on all area rugs.

Natural fiber rugs like wool, cotton, and silk are more hydroscopic than other rugs. They tend to absorb more moisture and can grow mildew if not treated properly. Rented carpet cleaning machines from your neighborhood grocery store can damage your rug. Furthermore, they often do not have enough suction and leave your rug with mildew and other water damage.

Different area rugs require different cleaning methods. You can trust the experts at Weston Carpet Cleaning to apply the best cleaning technique to restore your beautiful area rug.

We are your best bet for carpet cleaning service in Weston Florida area. We take appointments Sunday through Friday, 24/6, and are available in most instances for same-day service.

Serving the following zip codes 3332633327, 3333133332.


No matter what type of area rug you have, removing pet stains and pet odor is a difficult task. Call the experts at Weston Carpet Cleaning at 954-226-8368. We offer 100% guaranteed pet odor removal on all synthetic and natural area rugs.

At Weston Carpet Cleaning, we guarantee top quality work with all our services and ensure fast and efficient completion of the cleaning you require. We offer the best service at the most affordable prices. Call us now and experience the Weston Carpet Cleaning commitment to quality and customer service.


For delicate or antique area rugs, Weston Carpet Cleaning uses a 6-step method to restore your rug.

  1. We dust your rug with air pressure
  2. The rug is buffed
  3. We apply a specially formulated pre-conditioner
  4. Your carpet is shampooed and hand-washed
  5. The shampoo is rinsed away with a pH balanced water
  6. We fully dry your carpet and test it with a moisture sensor


Weston Carpet Cleaning guarantees you fast service, with our quick response time, and 24/6 carpet and area rug cleaning service, our professional technicians are highly trained and well equipped with top-of-the-line products and unparalleled knowledge to handle all types of rug cleaning. We clean Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, synthetic area rugs, cotton area rugs, and more! We also offer pickup and delivery services at no extra charge.

Whatever your needs, we are capable and ready to handle them. Customer satisfaction is our priority. You can count on Weston carpet Cleaning’s team of experts to steam and clean your area rug, no matter what type, at the most affordable price around.


At Weston Carpet Cleaning we have specially trained experts who can repair most types of damage to area rugs. We can re-fringe your rug with one of over two-dozen types of fringes. Our experts can also repair cuts, tears, and rips, as well as replace backing on all types of rugs.

In their homes, some people find carpet padding unnecessary. At Weston Carpet Cleaning we know just how important the right kind of padding can be. First, padding cushions your rug to make it more comfortable while keeping it from slipping on the floor. Second, padding acts as a barrier to humidity, moisture, and dust. Third, padding absorbs spills or pet stains so they don’t sit inside the carpet fibers.

We can clean your existing padding or provide you with new padding cut-to-order.

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