Act Fast When It Comes to Water Damage

Water Damage Restoration Weston


Got water damage? If you don’t act within the first 24 hours, leaking pipes or overflowed toilets can lead to the growth of mildew, bacteria, and other matter that is harmful to your health. Especially in Florida’s humid environment, a carpet or area rug can provide a breeding ground for hazardous growth.

At Weston Carpet and Restoration Cleaning, we start by cleaning up and extract water. Our first concern is removing water for safety concerns including slip-and-fall and electrical shortages. The next concern is secondary damage from organic growths and mildew.

We are your best bet for restoration and cleaning service in Weston Florida area. We take appointments Sunday through Friday, 24/6, and are available in most instances for same-day service.


We service homes, apartments, condominiums, office buildings, banks, banquet halls, and more. No job is to big or to small for Weston Carpet Cleaning’s commercial and residential services. Call us now to schedule an appointment. Same-day and emergency service is available Sunday through Friday.When it comes to water damage, Weston Carpet Cleaning deals with three types:

  • Clean Water.
  •  Chemical Water.
  •  Sewage Water

Clean water damage is typically the easiest type to remove. This often happens when clean water pipes or air conditioners break and leak onto your carpet. If the water damage is found early enough, the water is simply extracted and special carpet blowers are set in place. If secondary damage has already set in, the job becomes more complex.

Chemical water damage is more complex than clean water damage, depending on the chemical in the water. Chemical water damage often happens when dishwashers, clothing washers, and fish tanks or aquariums break. Some people think they need new carpet when this happens, you should pick up the phone and call Weston Carpet Cleaning instead at 954-226-8368 and we can assess the level of damage to your carpet for free.

Sewage water is usually the most difficult type of water damage to remediate. In the case of sewage water overflows or broken pipes, the primary damage can be just as dangerous as the secondary damage. Unlike clean and most chemical water damage, sewage water can make people sick through simple contact or breathing of microorganisms.

At Weston restoration and Cleaning services, we guarantee top quality work with all our services and ensure fast and efficient completion of the cleaning you require. We offer the best service at the most affordable prices. Call us now and experience the Weston Carpet and restoration Cleaning commitment to quality and customer service.


When water damage goes untreated, time and humidity can cause the growth of organic materials that cause hazardous particulate matter to circulate in the air. At Weston Carpet and restoration cleaning we use Biocide treatment to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses. We treat/mitigate existing contaminants, as well as prevent the growth of new contaminants.


At Weston restoration and Cleaning Services we deal with contaminated carpets as well as contaminated air. Depending on the type of water damage, we place air movers to dry your home . We also place dehumidifiers to prevent any growth of organic matter getting out all the moisture from the air, as well as air scrubbers to remove dust contamination and other particles from the environment

Contact Weston Carpet and Restoration Cleaning now for more information about the company as well as our Green Products and services.

Whatever your needs, we are capable and ready to handle them. Customer satisfaction is our priority. You can count on Weston restoration Cleaning’s team of experts to steam

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